Gold Mined, Gold Eaten

Many have their own way and style of cooking, plating and garnishing food. For instance, Raymond shows you the perfect way on how to prepare and cook the eye of round roast. And if you would want to make it look more elegant (or expensive), add gold to it! Many might not be aware that, gold mined isn’t only to be used for investing and finance, in jewelries, medicine and dentistry, and electronics but also now be added to food.

Qualities Of Gold

Most gold today are either newly quarried or recycled. Either way, Gold is sought after by numerous trades and industries because of its various known qualities. Gold is exceptionally ductile, it could conduct electricity, does not stain, it alloys with other metals well and could effortlessly be broken down into wires and sheets. Gold has a luster and shine beyond compare even in its most rudimentary form.

Because of the distinctive qualities of gold, it is utilized in various ways for various reasons. The use of gold is a practice that dates back thousands of years ago to give honor to gods and goddesses, increase vitality as well as to boast one’s wealth. Currently, these practices have changed and evolved to somehow give diners an opportunity to experience a bit of self-indulgence, even with the consumption of the most every-day of staples and cuisines.

Edible Gold Leaf

Edible gold leaf is a product of gold that could be utilized to garnish or adorn food as well as to be eaten. Gold is regarded as “biologically inert.” This means that it only moves through the digestive system without it being absorbed. Similar to iron and calcium, gold doesn’t not cause harm when eaten, though it isn’t a staple food of people. Edible gold leaf is available as flakes and in sheets which is typically added in desserts as well as in candy making. It is one of the costliest foods in the world, but bearing in mind that it is actual gold, these gold sheets and gold flakes are fairly inexpensive. It is imperative to purchase quality gold leaf as most inexpensive versions have impurities.

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