List of the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

The rise of cryptocurrency has been creating a buzz since prices of certain types became known to the market and even to the people. Basically, it has become a new trend in the world of investment for such fair reasons. People who have invested in them have benefits in such unimaginable ways. 

Today, this blog will talk about the few lists you can check on for the best cryptocurrency to invest. 

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

Basically, there is a lot of cryptocurrency available in the market today. But here’s a list of the top 5 that outstands today’s market and investment. 

1.BTC Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Otherwise known as Bitcoin. This seems familiar to you because bitcoins have been making rounds in the industry today. Or otherwise say, they are the most popular.  Bitcoin also is the first digital exchange and it remains the number one crypto token in the industry.

2. ETH Ethereum Cryptocurrency

This was founded and launched by the Russian-Canadian mathematical and programming prodigy Vitalik Buterin while he was still in his late teens. Ethereum enhances the blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin. It also introduced a new system of smart contracts that enables super-fast completion of transaction orders 10-15 seconds. The Ether token is the second most wanted coin in the crypto trading world.

3. XRP Ripple Cryptocurrency

Many users prefer to invest in the Ripple coin because it implements the unique general consensus ledger. It can be said that the average transaction approval time is shorter than of Ethereum. Basically, the XRP price remains stable and the personal data security measure it undertakes are some of the best-established. 

4. BCH Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency exchange was launched in the midst of great debate. Some might even refer to is a dispute. Bitcoin cash also managed to come out unharmed and even emerged as the fourth cryptocurrency by market cap. It was created with the idea of serving as a solution to Bitcoin’s ongoing scalability issue but turned out to be a crypto token on its own. This one here is lucrative to have. 

5. LTC LiteCoin Cryptocurrency

The LiteCoin tokens are called Lites. The underlying protocol of the cryptocurrency exchange mimics that of Bitcoin in every possible way. They are absolutely identical but still differ in some ways. It was designed and developed by former Google Software engineer Charlie Lee. and now, his invention work as the fifth most-wanted coin in today’s digital market. 

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