Practicing Ethical Mining in Small-Scale Mining Organizations

The path to upholding ethical mining together with the process of obtaining certification comes with several challenges, especially to small-scale organizations. They ought to meet strict requirements per year from organization, environment, work-related, documental and physical traceability of minerals that ought to be approved via external audits.

Unlike with other tasks like launching new Minecraft survival servers, opening a new business and so forth is a lot easier than the former.

Ethical Mining

Ethical mining doesn’t just go by the word but also, it is something that is demanding dedication, determination and commitment. It is requiring investment not only on resources and money but also, on manpower.

The entire mining organization should be constituted legally, even if some are not totally certified. This is a huge challenge, given that the worldwide scale of small miners are working informally.

Improving Miner’s Working Condition

Mining organizations should impose clear policies that will guarantee the worker’s wellbeing which includes schedules that are mandated by law and salaries, safety and health at work regulations which include control of activities, training and supply of personal protection equipment or PPE. In short, there ought to be a guarantee that mining rights will be implemented.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Miners should have a non-discrimination policy in place as well as mechanism that will guarantee dialog and equal participation of all members, along with proper education to prevent gender violence. In addition to that, there should be an established internal control system by every mining organization for metal extraction as well as sales, documentary traceability and guaranteeing physical, which starts from mineral digging to the acquisition of metal.

Environmental Protection

There should be progressive plans that must be created for small-scale mining to be able to reduce the utilization of chemical substances, along with technologies and procedures for proper handling that guarantee the least environmental impact. In addition to that, they have to work on taking good care of the environment by means of recovering the affected ones and preserving intervened locations.

It is indeed a big challenge to work on these matters, considering that the environment is affected. It requires expert advice and at the same time, people who have a firm grasp of how small-scale mining could be responsibly handled.