Starting A Kayak Rental Business

A kayak is a tiny boat that necessitates manual maneuvering wherein today there are a number of types of kayaks for different purposes. Using kayaks for fishing in fresh water as well as salt water became quite popular in recent years, particularly in regions that are warmer. Fishing kayaks are comparable to that of a sit-in kayak and sit-on-top kayak for recreational purposes, but have more stability.

Durable and Stable Fishing Kayaks Under $500

Today, there are plenty of durable and stable fishing kayaks under $500 available in the market. However, similar to your fishing gears, there are factors to consider to make certain you choose the right one for you. provides a very helpful guide on what to consider when purchasing a fishing kayak as well as edifying reviews of durable and stable fishing kayaks under $500.

In the past, kayaks were popularly used as a form of transportation. But fishermen have found it to be a modern and sophisticated equipment for fishing, which have prompted the kayak market to create kayaks designed for fishing. Most fishing kayak are very convenient as they allow quick paddling, are equipped rod holders, containers for live bait, and for some electronic fish-finders.

Starting A Kayak Rental Business

As fishing and kayaking are recreational activities that many enjoy, you could consider starting a kayak rental business. Depending on your location, the climate as well as the interest of your potential patrons, you could run a kayak rental business the whole year round, either part-time or full-time. Moreover, it is an affordable business investment in terms of a rental business.

So, what are the usual things to take into consideration when starting a kayak rental business:

  • Look For an Excellent Rental Location. The rental location should be close to the water having mild or gentle current for it to be suitable for both children and adults. It should also have a wide-enough building to stow paddles and should have sufficient airflow for lifejackets to stay dry. Also consider a place where there is access to bathrooms and changing rooms. Check with the right authorities in the city if you could rent an area near the waterfront for a concession fee.
  • Secure the Needed Licenses, Certifications, and Related Insurance. Apart from the usual business permit, you will also need to have a CPR and First Aid certification if you intend to have your staff go with patrons in the water. Also check if you require a boating license form the state and take the classes on boating safety which is required but your state. Get the proper insurance in case a customer is harmed or injured while making use of your kayak or if the kayak gets damaged.
  • Acquire the All the Equipment You Need. Look for reliable, trusted and affordable wholesalers for the kayaks, paddles, lifejackets as well as other equipment you need.
  • Hire Competent Staff. Know how many staff you need and make certain they are competent and have relevant experience with boats and kayaks. They should also have a certification on First Aid and CPR or that they are willing to get that training.