Starting Your Own Towing Company

Vehicles that break down are either left stranded or illegally parked in certain areas. Thankfully, tow truck companies transport or move these vehicles to impound lots, repair shops or wherever the owner of the vehicle requests. Apart from towing vehicles, whether light duty towing or heavy duty towing, tow companies also provide numerous roadside assistance such as emergency repairs, fuel deliver, tire change, jumpstart and more.

Tow companies operate in an industry where customer experience and satisfaction vary on the kind of service they provide. They get praised when vehicle owners are provided emergency roadside assistance at any time of the day and are usually detested and disliked when they remove vehicles that are parked illegally. Regardless, a towing company providing light to heavy duty towing can be a very lucrative business.

Starting A Towing Business

Competition isn’t that intense so it is probably a good idea to start your own towing company. However, even with this kind of competition, there are things you have to consider in order to make certain that you provide quality service as well as stand out from the rest. One of this is to determine what kind of towing service you would want to offer so you know what to focus on and what you need to start your towing company. Below are the different types of towing services to consider:

  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Boat Towing
  • Motorbike Towing
  • Tow Disabled Vehicles
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Tow Impounded Vehicles
  • Tow for Law Enforcement
  • Tow for a Body of the City Government
  • Tow for an Auto Repair Shop
  • Motor Club Towing
  • Tow for an Auction House

A Few Things To Consider

Whatever type of towing service you decide to start and provide, here are a few things you need to do so as to successfully start and build your towing company.

Business Startup

File the necessary paperwork in your area for you to operate legally. Check if there are certain permits, license and/or accreditations you need to secure. Also take into consideration to structure your business as a corporation or as a limited liability company so as to protect your assets. It is also imperative to have a liability insurance as there are risks involved when towing or transporting vehicles.

Establish a Fleet

Obviously, you need tow trucks to start a towing company. There are different kinds of wreckers available in the market so make sure you choose those that will provide the services you offer. For instance, many choose a flatbed since it could hold vehicles that are damaged severely.

Get a Yard

Numerous towing companies keep or hold vehicles. This may be because a property owner wanted a vehicle removed as it is illegally parked in their property or because the vehicle owner could not pay for their vehicle to be removed from the scene of the accident. Regardless, you need to have a yard big enough to hold vehicles.

Hire Reliable and Qualified Employees

You need drivers to handle your tow trucks. Make sure they have a valid professional driver’s license as well as a clean record. The drivers and other employees you hire need to be helpful and polite as this will reflect the image of your company. So if you want your company to have a good image, ensure your employees possess such qualities.