Why Snail Mail is still an Effective Business Marketing Campaign?

You may have thought that post office service is not necessarily needed. The case for this topic can be supported as well with the different forms of communication that we enjoy like emails, Instant Messaging, Wi-Fi calls and so forth. Truth is, there has been a continuous decline of mails sent yearly in the US.

To Go Digital or Stick with the Basics?

As a business owner, this can be considered as an opportunity to expand your client base. Now, using snail mail may seem to be counterproductive. For one, everything is going online and digital, so what would be its use for?

Highly Targeted

Direct mails are highly targeted and specific for your receivers. Because of this, you can get a mailing list of your prospect via mailing distributors. Say that an electronics store ordered a list of people who are buying smartphones and accessories and prepared a direct mail hoping to convince them to check out their store.

Saves You Money

When it comes to advertising, direct mailing is less costly than TV, print media as well as radio ads. If you have a small business, using direct mail can give you a jump start. You may design letters to look appealing and eye-catching and have it printed at a low price.

Interestingly enough, businesses may mail out some advertisements as a dry run. If it succeeds, then the volume can be increased to repeat the process. Otherwise, people still get the chance to know about your presence.

Totally Flexible

Small businesses that are using direct mail campaigns know that it is extremely flexible to their needs and budget. Companies can utilize postcards in marketing their service and product at the lowest possible price. Not only that, businesses can include as well free samples of products inside the letter.


As mentioned earlier, it is possible to design the letter anyway you want. Through direct mail, businesses have the ability of addressing the customers and consumers by their names. Thus, the message of brochure or order form is directed to a given demographic. This actually creates a stronger bond among your customers that help build loyalty.